Marlene. An Intimate Photographic Memoir by Alexander Liberman


Random House, New York 1992
ISBN: 0-679-42086-X
Amerikanisches Englisch
120 Seiten, Bildband incl. CD
ca. 33,5 x 25 cm

„Here is the perfect remembrance of one of the greatest stars of the century: Marlene Dietrich in intimate close-up, photographed by her friend the artist Alexander Liberman, together with his choice of images from her films. Also included is the unforgettable sound of Marlene on a specially made compact disc available only with this album.
Marlene hypnotized audiences with her counterpoint of sexual allure and mischievous androgyny. Liberman is particularly qualified to answer the tantalizing question What made her so extraordinarily photogenic?
Marlene: An Intimate Photographic Memoir is a unique pictorial and audio remembrance of a legendary star and very private woman.“
Alexander Liberman is a renowned artist whose works in many different media have been widely exhibited and acquired by museums and collectors. His monumental sculptures can be seen in public spaces all over the world. Born in Russia in 1912, died in Miami Beach, U.S.A. in 1999.